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The Windmill Fan Palm is beautiful, cold hardy and drought resistant .  The Windmill Fan Plm is ideal for commercial or residential landscapes. With multiple trunks and triangular fan shaped leaves, that range from green, blue-green to gray green the Windmill Fan Palm is often used as a single focus point with a tropical feeling.  When planted together, the European Fan Palm makes a great barrier and creates a private tropical environment.

​The Windmill Palm grows up to 15 feet in overall height and is gaining popularity as a replacement to the less cold hardy Pigmy Date Palm or Roebelini.  The European Fan Palm is a cold hardy palm and can survive to temperatures in the low teens overnight.   

Windmill Palms are not just "Cold Hardy Palm Trees" they are extremely versatile in landscapes.  Used as a show palm, potted palms or in landscapes as an accent to larger palm trees the European Fan Palm is ideal for a wide range of landscaping designs.

Above - Mature Windmill Palm Tree.  

The Windmill Fan Palm is ideal as a replacemant for the less cold hardy Pigmy Date Palm or Roebelennii.   

Windmill Fan Palm
  • Cold Hardy to 5° F​
  • Leaves that are arranged into symmetrical crown that is about 8 to feet wide.
  • Trunks that are usually covered with a loose mat of coarse gray or brown fiber and can grow to heights of 20 to 40 feet.​

Windmill Palm Tree ​

(Trachycarpus fortunei) - cold hardy, are cold hardy to 5 degrees F (lower depending on the age and growth of the cold hardy palm tree).  Windmill Palms are one of the most cold hardy palm trees available.

Typical Height: 10', up to 40' 

Subfamily: Coryphoideae 

Tribe: Coryphoideae

Hardiness Zone: 9-11

Growth Rate: Slow

Origin: Mediterranean region 

Salt Tolerance: high

Drought Tolerence: high

Soil Requirements: Widely adaptable

Light Requirements: Moderate, High

Nutritional Requirements: Moderate

Propagation: Seed, germinating in 2-3 months.

Human Hazards: spiny

Major pest Problems: Scales, palm aphid, ambrosiaMajor Disease or Physiological Problems: Possassium deficiency, ganoderma, fungal leaf spots.

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