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Volusia Palms

Mature queen Palm Trees Daytona Beach Area

Also known as: Cocos Plumosa and Jeriva Syagrus romanzoffiana.

The Queen Palm is a slender gracefully arching palm with dark green spineless fronds. The trunk is 12" - 24" thick with a tropical feel.  

​The queen is a fast growing semi - "cold hardy' palm tree, it will go to 22 degrees with little or no damage at maturity with caution in areas that reach temperatures below 20 degrees. 

​The Queen is easily transplanted and is widely used in landscapes throughout Florida and is especially adaptable along the eastern coast from Jacksonville to Miami.

Queen Palm

(Syagrus Romanzoffiana)
Typical Height: 40' 

Subfamily: Arecoideae 

Tribe: Arecoideae

Hardiness Zone:

Growth rate: Fast

Origin: Southern Brazil to Argentina

Salt Tolerance: Moderate

​Drought Tolerence: Moderate

Soil Requirements: Slightly acid best, but fairly adaptible

Light Requirements: Moderate, High

Nutritional Requirements: High

Propagation: Seed, germinating in 3 to 6 months

Human Hazards: Allergy to pollen

​Major pest Problems: none

​Major Disease or Physiological Problems: Manganese and potassium deficiency, ganoderma, gliocladium blight, phytophthora bud rot.