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Volusia Palms

Habit: Solitary, canopy of 40-50 leaves

​Trunk or stem characterists: Thick, covered with overlapping, strubby and woody, leaf bases for many years. 

​Leaf type: Pinnateky compound, reduplicate, stiffy, arching, with numerous leaflets.

​Foliage color: blue-green

​Leaf Size: 4-6' long. Leaflets about 2.5' long, 1'' wide.

​Petiole: 4-6' long, with slender, fibrous spines on margins. 

​Flower color: creamy yellow to reddish

​Fruit color: Yellow to orange
Pindo Palm is the hardiest feathered-leaf palm currently in wide cultivation. It is used throughout the northern half of Florida. The best qualtity pindo fruits are very sweet with a flavor of pineapple/banana mixture. They make a tasty jelly. Pindo palm is closely related to the queen palm and such hybrids
Typical Height: 15' 

​subfamily: Arecoideae

Tribe: Cocoeae

Hardiness Zone:

BGrowth rate: slow

​Orgin: Central-southern Brazil and contiguous Argentina and Uruguary

Salt Tolerence: Moderate

Drought Tolerence: High

​Soil Requirements: Widely adaptable

Light requirements: Moderate,High

​Uses: small tree, edible fruit.

Major pest problems: Scales

​Major desease or Physiological Problems: Ganoderma, stigmina leaf spot, graphiola false smut, phytophthora.

Pindo Palm

Jelly Palm Tree