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Pheonix Sylvester Crown, Cold Hardy Palm Tree​
Pheonix Sylvester Palm Tree​
Reference - Betrocks Essentials Guide to Palms
Wild Date Palm - Cold Hardy Palms
Phoenix Sylvester "Specimen" Palm
The Origin of the Phoenix Sylvester ranges from India, Nepal, Myanmar to Pakistan.  The Palm is known to grow some 40 feet tall.  Although the Sylvester is similar to the Canary Island Date Palms, the Phoenix Sylvester is a more elegant palm with silver frons and a slimmer trunk than the Cannary.  This palm has a very tropic appeal with an off orange color to the trunk.  Perfect for officxe complexes where room can be an issue to residential landscapes to add eligence and beauty to a property. ​
"Silver Date" or "Sugar Date"

Phoenix Sylvester​