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Silver European Fan Palms

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Cold Hardy Palm Tree (Silver European Fan Palms for sale)
The European Fan Palm is beautiful, cold hardy and drought resistant .  The Mediterranean or European Fan Palm is ideal for commercial or residential landscapes.  With multiple trunks and triangular fan shaped leaves, that range from green, blue-green to gray green the European Fan Palm is often used as a single focus point with a tropical feeling.  When planted together, the European Fan Palm makes a great barrier and creates a private tropical environment.

​The European Fan Palm grows up to 15 feet in overall height and is gaining popularity as a replacement to the less cold hardy Pigmy Date Palm or Roebelini.  The European Fan Palm is a cold hardy palm and can survive to temperatures in the low teens overnight. 

​Recently North Central Florida and the rest of the nation are replacing the less hardy Pigmy Date Palm with the European Fan Palm due to its tropical look and hardy nature.       

​Ideal for private landscapes the European Fan Palm is customarily used for commercial designs landscape designs as a focal point or accent to larger palm trees like the Canary Island Date Palm or Phoenix Sylvester.  Other uses are are ornamental in decorative pots around swimming pools or patios.    

The European Fan Palm is ideal as a replacemant for the less cold hardy Pigmy Date Palm or Roebelennii.  

Euroupean Fan Palm​, Silver European Fan Palm, Silver Select European Fan Palms 

(Chamaerops Humils )

Typical Height: 10' 

Subfamily: Coryphoideae 

Tribe: Coryphoideae

Hardiness Zone:

Growth rate: Slow

Origin: Mediterranean region

Salt Tolerance: high

Drought Tolerence: high

Soil Requirements: Widely adaptable

Light Requirements: Moderate, High

Nutritional Requirements: Moderate

Propagation: Seed, germinating in 2-3 months.

Human Hazards: spiny

​Major pest Problems: Scales, palm aphid, ambrosiaMajor Disease or Physiological Problems: Possassium deficiency, ganoderma, fungal leaf spots.