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Volusia Palms

The Canary Island Date Palm is highly prized for it formal aspect in the landscape which complements Mediterranean style architecture, and for its hardiness which allows its uses throughout most of Florida and parts of California and Arizona. The leaf scare pattern on the trunk is very ornamental.Many of our customers refer to the Canary as the " "Pineapple Palm" because they have seen them at resorts and roadway mediums sculptured to make the crown or top of the palm resemble a pineapple. At Volusia Palms we carry medium landscape size  Canary Island Date Palms that are ideal for residential lawns and projects.  We also have field grown Canary Island Date Palms approximately 14 feet overall height, ideal for a center piece to any landscape.
Typical height: 40'

Subfamily: Coryphoideae

Tribe: Phoeniceae

Hardiness Zone:8B-11

​Growth Rate: slow

Drought Tolerence: High

Light Requirements: High

Nutritional Requirements: Moderate

Canary Island Date Palm container grown/landscape The above palm is would cost approximately $150.  Cost is estimated by the " feet of wood at the trunk of the tree or overall height of smaller containerized palm trees.  

Mature Canary Island Date Palm

Canary Island Date Palm