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Volusia Palms

Typical Height: 30-60'

Subfamily: Coryphoideae        

Tribe: Borasseae

Hardiness Zone:

Growth rate: Slow

Origin: Madagascar

Salt Tolerance: Moderate

Drought Tolerence: High

Soil Requirements: Widely adaptable

Light Requirements: Moderate, High

Nutritional Requirements: Moderate

​Propagation: Seed, germinating is often less than 2 months

Human Hazards: None

​Major pest Problems: none

​Major Disease or Physiological Problems: None

Bismarck palms are grown throughout the tropics, subtropics and favor temperate microclimates. They are planted quite widely in many parts of the world such Florida, southern California and parts of Arizona U.S., Indonesia and Australia. Bismarck palms will suffer from cold damage but they quickly recover. The green variety is more cold sensitive than is the silver-gray variety. The green ones are damaged at 32°F (0°), but the silver-gray ones will tolerate 28°F (-3°C) and will recover from 23°F (-6°C). While they tolerate some drought, they thrive in areas with adequate rainfall. Because of their massive crowns, they need plenty of room in a landscape area.

Bismarck Palm Tree

Bismarckia nobilis