Mule Palm

xbutiagrus nabonnandii

Volusia Palms Mule Palm

Mule Palm

 xButyagrus nabbonnandi "hybrid"

The Mule Palm is a cross that between the more tropical Queen Palm (syagrus romanzoffiana) and the more hardy Pindo (butia) Palm.  The Mule Palm is extremely frost and cold hardy and makes for an interesting specimen in landscapes or around pools and patios. The Mule Palm is reminiscent of a coconut palm yet vigorous and fast growing.  

The Mule Palm likes full sun and will carry characteristics of the Queen (syagrus) and Pindo (butia).  Grows approximately 30-feet at maturity and can be grown further north than the queen, zone 8-10.      

The Mule palm rarely produces seeds (sterile) and usually cross pollinates making it a rare and expensive palm tree to own.

Volusia Palms has container and field grown Mule Palms available.  Also, opportunities for liner contracting is available.

Limited availability. 

Mature Mule Palm  Mule Palm Trunk   Mule Palm Container

Mule Palm Containers 30 Gallon 

Common Names: Mule Palm, Butia Queen Cross, Hybrid

Cold Tolerance: 14F (-10C). Known to withstand temperatures as low as 10F (-12C).

USDA Zones: (8b) 9-11

Typical Height: 30'

Growth Rate: Fast

Habit: Solitary
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