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New - "Mule Palm".

​Replace less cold hardy palm trees, suggestions: 

​The Windmill Palm - A very elegant palm tree is ideal around pools yet also robust enough for landscapes and is also used as a focal point in at entrances.

​The European Fan Palm -   Ideal as a replacement to Robelinni (Pigmy Date Palm Tree).  This clumping palm tree is routinely used in residential landscapes and commercial landscapes that need a clean green look all the time.

​We offer field grown and container grown palm trees. We supply residential  and commercial landscapers with a wide variety of palm trees at competitive prices. We also locate specialty palm trees if you are looking for more exotic specimens.

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Above Left: Phoenix Sylvester used to separate parking spots.  Right: Chinese Fan Palms at the entrance of a community. 
Above: Left is a row of Queen Palms; 15 gallon and 25 gallon grow bags. Right: Mature Queen Palms. 
Above: Middle is a row of Robellini's or Pigmy Date Palms and the taller Foxtail Palm.  Both the Roebolini and the Foxtail are moderately cold resistant and will do best near the coast or larger bodies of water.

​Right is the crown of a Canary Island Date Palm.  The Canary Island Date or Pheonix Canary is often called the Pinnaple palm due to the shapping of the trunk by professional landscapers.
At Volusia Palms we specialize in cold hardy palm trees, tropical palm trees and ornamental palm trees for residential and commercial landscapers.  We carry Canary Island  Date Palms, Phoenix Sylvestris, Queen Palm and the colder hardy palms like; the Windmill Palm Tree, European Palm Tree and Pindo Palm or Jelly Palm. 

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